Camera Experience


What I learned about camera exposure and camera mode

What I know about the aperture is it controls the area over which light can pass through your camera lenses. When it comes to the aperture the terms like f stop are being used. The shutter speed controls the duration of the exposure. ISO is the sensitivity of the cameras sensor to a given amount of light. There are seven different type of modes. The modes are either called creative mods or auto exposure. Each of these modes influence how aperture, ISO and shutter speed are chosen for a given exposure.

Depth of Field 8/27


Man and Nature

Mirror Image


Photo Montage

Low Key Lighting

Light room photos

Read and Write

5 ways to improve my photography and composition

  • when capturing photos, a subject, or a person I should always keep an eye out for the background
  • when trying to take pictures I should take advantages of any leading lines or shapes I see
  • when I am taking photos I should attempt to fill the frame
  • when taking photos of a subject or a person I should try to capture the photos in different point of views
  • when capturing images I should attempt to take pictures of people or subjects that are moving 

Block Printing

Studio images

Screen Printing 

Double Color Exposure 

Social and Political issues in art

Favorite Teacher

The teacher I selected was Mrs. Navas, I chose her because she’s an amazing teacher. She treats her students as her own kids. If you ever need help or need someone to talk to she’s always there for you.

Light Painting


Fill Flash


      Sandy Skoglund and the Evocativeness of Photography | Widewalls

Her original style is capturing an image and then adding a object that is totally the opposite of the image. My opinion on her work is I like it because its something different, not something I’ve seen before. The image I chose of her work really caught my attention because its fishes floating in a bedroom, very out of the ordinary. I also like the pop of colors her work has.

Style of Wassily Kandinsky

Motion Blur

-5 Tips

  • to get a spinning shot you are probably going to need a couple people
  • to get different effects when you are shooting at a playground position the camera in different areas
  • when shooting bikes try slow sync flash
  • to capture a good motion blur image try shooting at night
  • to capture a good motion blur image under an umbrella have the subject hold it and swirl while holding it



Read and Write- photojournalism 

The first image was captured as a off guard and its going to be remembered by what happened that day. From what I remembered that day  the white was was invaded by so many people.  In the second image there was so much going on with the police being everywhere trying to keep the people safe. I believe its going to be remembered by how the police were dropping bombs and pepper spraying people. All these images took place at the white house the day it got invaded because people were mad that they weren’t getting there way. I say these images are going to be remembered by when the white house got invaded, people were literally jumping the fence to get inside. 

Body, Shape, Form Triptych

  • tattoos
  • black
  • white
  • grey
  • square
  • rectangle
  • moon
  • sun
  • broken heart
  • arms
  • shoulder
  • different sizes


Emotion Series

Cultural Photography Article

The article is about photographer Adam Marelli and how he discovered the type of photographer he is. He discusses how his approach on photography did not fit into any of the existing categories of photography.  Marelli explains how he was not a documentary photographer, nor solely a portrait photography, or an architectural photographer, street photographer, landscape photographer, or any other type of photographer he could find.  The work he does combines the aspects of each of them, but in a way that felt distinct and yet to be defined for him. Culture was more than a subject matter for Marelli, to him it represents a full on approach to understanding parts of the world around him.

Marelli talks about how when people asked him questions about the type of photography he does, he says those questions can create a bit of internal turmoil, at least it did for him. Marelli says how when someone asks another about who we consider ourselves to be, it can create a range of emotions.  For Marelli, the question pointed to a gap in his professional career.  He could not exactly put his finger on what he was doing.  For a few years, Marelli used to say he did ‘documentary photography,’ but the term never sat well with him.  It never seemed to get at the root of his work, nor did it shed light on his approach, which he has always seen as different from documentary work because it is not objective. Marelli is personally fascinated by people’s points of view and tries to express his projects from his point of view, not an objective one.

Aside from Marelli’s life as an art student then an artist, he had two other fields of intense study.  The first was in the world of high-end construction and the second was in the world of Zen Buddhism.  His goal was to study those worlds, not as an observer or a journalist, but to literally become them before integrating them into his photography.  This was a slow process for him. Why would Marelli do such as absurd thing? Because he knew that as an outsider he would never really understand how buildings are made or what it means to meditate with the intensity that a monk can achieve, if he did not learn to do it by himself. For Marelli, buildings explained many of the things that we see in the world; physical things that you can pick up and touch.  Zen however focused intensely on things that can only be sensed.  Much of the practice of a monk remains invisible.  There is nothing to see.  All you are left with is a bunch of people wrapped up in robes, sitting on the floor, occasionally chanting something.  Most of the world of Zen is not something that you see, but something that you feel. To Marelli, it felt like he had touched either ends of an earthly spectrum and was finally ready to pick up a camera again

Cultural identity 

In my culture we always celebrate my grandmas birthday at her house with all her grandkids.

This represents me turning 15, in the Hispanic culture most girls are celebrated with a big party when they turn 15 which symbolizes them becoming a woman. 

In my culture once you turn 16 you join confirmation class for two years and once you confirm out of it you have completed all your sacraments. This is my sister the day she got confirmed and my grandma is her sponsor. 

silhouette story

Silhouette Article 

In this article, the author was first talking about how people usually think silhouette photography isn’t necessarily a cool thing to do and can look elementary. Later on, they explain that adding shadows and silhouettes can improve photos by giving it more texture and depth. An example they give is how adding the silhouette of boats when you take a picture of the sunset near the water. They said that this could help balance the photo and bring more feel into the picture by adding the shadows. Lastly, the author explains how people could take pictures with silhouettes, which is metering the background and making sure the subject is dark, and then edit the picture to make it look better

Me and Myself


Pick A Something 

Collage Theme

Cheer Poster

Image On Wood

Image preview

Photo Recreation

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